Banish Belly Fat With Peanut Butter

Stay away from SUGAR and I mean a lot further than arm’s length!

We’ve referred to some of the chemical addictions that plague our lives and so it is time to highlight one of the most persistent. We’re talking about sugar. But what do we mean bysugar’? From a biological perspective, our bodies are fuelled by the sugars that are released from the food we eat. Glucose is the essential component that drives our energy supplies.

But the modern diet is contaminated by toxic levels of processed sugars that cause havoc in your body, raising insulin levels and overloading the pleasure receptors in your brain. Sugars trigger an insulin spike that flushes the sudden excess of glucose from your system, producing a dramatic lowering of glucose levels that leads to a rapid drop in energy levels.

This is the notorious sugar spike and sugar, as you will surely know, can be extremely addictive. But we are going to eliminate it from your diet and finally give your body a chance to recover from the years of toxic abuse. I have brought up the subject of sugar at this point because when you renounce this toxic substance from your life, you are going to have withdrawal symptoms and I wanted you to be properly prepared.

Withdrawal symptoms? That’s right. It’s only when you give it up that you realise how addicted you have become to those poisonous white crystals of sweet delight. It takes three days to re-set your insulin levels. That means three days without any sugar in any form whatsoever. Nothing sweet. Plenty of fresh vegetables will help but nothing can prepare you for the cravings that happen when you quit all sweet stuff for three days and it has to be three days to regulate your insulin levels.

This is one of the reasons that so many diets fail. If you do not re-set your insulin levels, your metabolism will never function normally. Fact. The three days can be tough, especially the third day but it has to be 100% to be effective. If you lapse, you will have to start all over again.

Three days to re-set your insulin levels and get your fat-burning metabolism back on line. There aren’t any shortcuts. It’s one of those powerful secrets that has only emerged recently from cutting edge research into successful weight control and you deserve to have the truth. It’s an essential and unavoidable part of the programme and your body will feel so different by the fourth day because you will start to feel differently about sweet things. Insulin levels re-set, sugar cravings diminish. Metabolism starting to function normally.

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Banish Belly Fat With Peanut Butter

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