Banish Belly Fat In A Week

Do you find you forget your problem temporarily when eating comfort food? Realise this right now!

Some people use food, whether consciously or unconsciously, to numb their minds so that they won’t have to deal with the issues they’d rather not confront. I describe this altered state of mind where food transports us as a food high, something I will expand upon later. It’s a very important factor in the story of eating behavior issues.

Can you think of a better way to deal with your problems? Do you ever go for a walk to let your mind process the alternatives? Do you know how to relax and breathe more deeply? Do you know how to calm yourself from the fears that the problems will somehow overwhelm you? Have you ever learned to meditate? We’ve got so many ways to master the knee-jerk food response to overeating. Relaxing is one of the most effective! Take a moment every hour to relax your neck and shoulders and breathe a little more deeply. It works!

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Banish Belly Fat In A Week

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