How Do You Banish Belly Fat

Acknowledgements for My Nutritional Research and Programs The inspiration to write this secret began more than thirty years ago when I embarked on my first nutritional science courses under the tutelage of Dr Boris Chaitow in South Africa. During the past three decades, I have been most fortunate to receive the guidance, teachings and encouragement of some immensely talented and dedicated doctors and professors. It has been a fascinating journey of exploration, the pathway lit by the giants of natural medicine and naturopathic nutrition. More recently, my studies in the field of Functional Medicine have proved immensely helpful and I would like to pay tribute to the genius, courage and dedication of the following specialists who have assisted me enormously in my quest to share the life-changing knowledge contained in this secret.

Among them are Dr Boris Chaitow, Debra Waterhouse, Dr Christiane Northrup, Dr Carolyne Dean, Dr Vasant Lad, Dr Mona Lisa Shulz, Dr Loren Cordain, Dr Patrick Vercammen and Dr Ron Grisanti.

I would particularly like to acknowledge the shining inspiration of a truly remarkable doctor who has been a constant source of knowledge, encouragement and inspiration, Dr Ann Lannoye, a Functional Medicine Specialist and member of the Institute of Functional Medicine, who has been the most generous and tireless source of knowledge and enthusiasm for the benefits of Functional Medicine. She provided the inspiration to link my nutritional and eating behaviour work with the Functional Diagnostic Medicine and the analysis of Epigenetic Expression. Dr Lannoye’s extensive knowledge and scientific rigour have been one of the major cornerstones of our next secret about Functional Medicine in which I hope to have her join me as a contributor and authority.

My functional medicine research and its conclusions have been so fundamental to my understanding of intelligent nutrition, that I undertook studies at the Functional Medicine University in South Carolina. Dr Ron Grisanti has been a most generous provider of case study information in these vitally important subjects.

I am also delighted to announce a series of further projects with Dr Ann Lannoye and Greg Parry PhD, also based in the field of Functional Medicine. We are scheduling a series of international seminars, professional training courses and wellbeing conventions. If you would like to know more, go to…

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How Do You Banish Belly Fat

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