Gym girls will love UA’s Always On Bodysuit (£65; underarmour. for its silky performance fabric featuring four-way stretch and moisture- wicking properties. The deep zip also makes it easy to get on and off. With its comfortable, functional, elegant fit and super-soft technical compression fabric that stretches with your every move, this Silou London Ella Unitard (£239; is perfect for spinning.


Asquith’s Reflect Jumpsuit (£89; is made from super-soft bamboo fabric and designed to be seen in and out of the gym, seamlessly taking you from yoga classes to afternoon glasses!


You’ve just flowed from inverted Downward dog to standing Mountain pose – or finished 12 reps of the deepest squats – only to realise you’ve flashed the intimate details of your derriere to the entire yoga class gym floor park.



If you don’t want to lose the bottom-half of your clothing while bending forwards, there is a simple solution: ditch two-piece outfits for the latest one-piece catsuits and unitards.

No longer the uniform of dancers, gymnasts and comic book characters, bodysuits are now de rigour for elite sportswomen, not just for their style credentials, but for their performance benefits too, as many are made from supportive, compression fabrics to keep the blood flowing and aid recovery. Think you’ll feel a bit exposed in a catsuit? Not to worry.

First off, remember that one-pieces often smooth out any unwanted lumps and bumps because they don’t have waistbands that can create bulges. And second, they look amazing layered under loose vests and t-shirts so you can still stay covered up. You might need to visit the loo before jumping into your, ahem, jumpsuit prior to class, but you’ll never have to worry about inappropriately flashing the flesh again.

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