Barbara Palvin

Ë Recent projects : The most recent video project was for a company called TheDipStick Ë Put these factors in order of importance for becoming a successful model: The right looks, hard work, luck : To become a successful model I believe it takes dedication, hard work, the right look and a little bit of luck.

Ë What’s been the best moment of your life ? The best moment of my life was finding out im going to be published for the first time in model Z view magazine! Ë What would want in the afterlife? I would definitely want to be a bird in the afterlife, I have always wanted to be able to fly who likes traffic?!

Ë If not modeling ,what would u hv done ? If not modeling I would be a full time caregiver rite now, which I actually loved! Ë Wild dream : My wild dream is a world of equality, there would be no suffering Ë Hidden fear : My hidden fear is snakes, I may have a tattoo of one but I definitely do not like them!

Ë Hidden talent : My hidden talent is I can fix almost anything in a home, my dad taught me a lot of useful stuff like that when I was younger. Ë What is the sexiest part of your body ? The sexiest part of my body in my opinion is my eyes, I know when I can My first kiss, aww my first best friend from my tiny town we still snapchat every once and a while he has a gorgeous girlfriend now! use a sharp glance to my advangtage.

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Barbara Palvin

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