Beachy Combo Beautiful Hairstyles

OK, so before we do this hairstyle I just want to remind everyone to vote. You can find the link up here to go and vote for us. It’s Hairstyles. The race is really tight, so we really need your votes. Right now another blog, for every one vote we get he’s getting about one and a half to two votes. So he’s got the momentum in his favor so we really need to pull together and show him what we are made of. So let’s go, go go. OK, we have called this hairdo we have done it on the blog before but we have never filmed a post. And in the past we have called it cute combo or beachy combo. It’s kind of a fun mixture of several different things. So I have already started hers. This is not a hairdo that’s going to take five minutes, so I have already started hers so the post is not too long. But what you need to do first is just brush out her hair and then add in I did three braids, but you can to as many as you want. I did one on the left, one on the right, and just one in the back. And then what we are going to do is we are going to use a three barrel, excuse me, a combination of a three barrel and a combination of a spiral curling iron. So I’m going to just take first, let me take some hairspray and just put on that strand. And we are going to three barrel her hair. And I have already used some heat protectorate, I can’t say that word, heat protectant in her hair. And I like why it is doing this this Guardian Angel got b brand. It’s a good one.

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And you are just going to add in a three barrel curl. So this hairdo is just kind of a combination of lots of different things. So right here I’m just going to grab a little strand and this time I”m going to use my spiral curling iron. Now I didn’t have a spiral curling iron for a long time and I just use a regular curling iron and just twisted it up. So either one will work. If you do not have a spiral do not panic. I just like this because it tightens down and gives it a nice curl. And then unwind it. Whoa, it got stuck. And then I’m going to do another three barrel right here. So I’m just picking up little chunks on the top. Again, I’m just going to the three barrel, I find, if you just spray a tiny bit of hairspray down the strands stays in a lot better, the curl does. So you are just going to put this in, hold it. And then three barrel all the way down the strand. So the idea is to kind of go three barrel, braid, curl, three barrel, braid, curl, you know, so on and so forth all the way around. It does not have to be exactly that, but that’s the idea. And then just to leave it kind of straight underneath so it just kind of looks like a messy combo of lots of different styles. But it is really fun and my girls always get a thousand compliments when they do their hair like this. And then we will just do one more right here. I can hear me son downstairs playing, so excuse him if you can hear him as well. And you can see this is not going to be a five minute hairdo, but it is going to be an adorable hairdo. Tighten it down or again, use just a regular spiral curling iron. Unwind and you are ready to go. So you can kind of see what it looks like when it is all done.

Beachy Combo Beautiful Hairstyles

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