Beautiful African Hairstyles

Common sense when you choose your afro hair diet

Know your natural food sources

Iron. Food source – Eggs, poultry, fish, pork, and beef, (especially liver) spinach. Benefits to the hair

Essential for healthy blood. Iron in the blood is directly responsible for the blood’s capacity to carry oxygen. Lack of iron (anemia) can lead to hair loss and is noted among women in the age groups associated with menstruation

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Magnesium Food source – Millet porridge, dark green vegetables, pumpkin seeds, fish, beans and lentils, avocados, dairy, bananas. Benefits to the hair – Present in every living cell in the body and that is directly associated with many biochemical reactions in the human body and so is essential for hair growth. Lack of magnesium can lead to hair loss.

Natural Estrogen. Food source – beef, chicken, baker’s yeast, carrots, cucumbers, dairy, eggs, garlic, paw paw (papaya), peas, pumpkin, beans, wild yam. Benefits to the hair – Influence the hair growth cycle, promotes wound healing.

Beautiful African Hairstyles

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