Beautiful Hairstyles For Black Ladies

If you want to try red, start slowly. Start with a few highlights of a golden-red at first, and then move into richer reds the next time around. What might also work well would be to use a semi-permanent color conditioner or a glaze in the red range of tones. These will shampoo out much faster than an overall permanent color change will.

Additionally, these solutions will cost far less and will be less damaging, just in case you decide you want to return to your original shade. When making a color choice, if your own hair is light, stay with a light golden blonde-red. Alternately, if it matches your hair and skin tones, you can choose a strawberry blonde shade. If your own hair color is in the medium range, consider choosing a coppery-red tone, which will add luster and dimension to your own hair color.

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Autumn shades are beautiful over medium to dark brown natural hair color. You will be able to see the warm rich red and rusty-copper reflect within the hair shaft. If you have chestnut brown natural hair color, it will look wonderful with a touch of auburn added.

Some red formulas will look too pink on the scalp or around the hairline. This happens when the hair is either too gray or almost white, because the hair shaft is lacking other color pigments. Tn most cases, the colorist will adjust the formula to remove the problem. At-home hair color should be chosen in shades with more auburn (red-brown) in the formula, if your hair is “overly” gray.

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