Hey all, Welcome back my lovelies to another post and today we are testing out yet again weird duty hacks some of them might be life-changing and some of them are complete crap oh that’s like a crazy turn and of course we need to come up with some kind of saying for these hacks. So we thought of use it or lose it for every hack the very first hack is an awesome one, I already know. Because, I’m very excited to use it.


So it is basically a Beauty Blender or beauty sponge holder for when you wash them and you want them to sit properly without you know touching the counter or whatever it may be where you are washing them and drying them and then a place to store them we found this hack and idea from somebody in reddit, I read somewhere a couple weeks back and what they do is instead of these in the original packaging from the Beauty sponge or Beauty Blender they found a wired egg holder you know. So like soft boiled eggs we have like for breakfast and you kind of crack them open, and it is it’s like I’m gonna pedestal yes, I know they are gorgeous, I found these one and cratenbarrel these are gorgeous they are white porcelain little egg holders and they are just perfect for the beauty sponge. So this one is wet, I just washed it you put it in and it fits perfectly in there, and it is not like really really tight it will just sit it will dry very well, and it is kind of like dedicated thanks for it, I think it is really cool it has its own little seat it is awesome, I think they are very cute. So for the duty sponges definitely use it. Because, I already am I’m just obsessed with these these are great whoever thought of this you, I do not know who was. But I’m proud of you cheers well cheers to you Andre thank you this next hack is going to be how to voluminous your eyelashes with mascara.

So instead of like buying like that fiber lash with a two-step mascara we are going to test it out using powder like loose powder like translucent powder they suck you in baby powder. But I’m going to use my RCA a no color powder. Because, I do not have any babies moves house not yet when she gets the news that’s not pregnant Wow lovely not yet, I do not know. If it matters. But I’m using the Loreal voluminous feline is no wad mascara and I’m going to apply one coat of just regular mascara to my right eyelashes or my right eye just like one coat and then I’m going to simply my left eye with one coat. But I’m going to add some of the powder on top and then seal it again with the mascara and see. If that makes a difference am, I the only one that has different length eyelashes my left eye is always the one that’s like, I do not feel like being long today and I will droop for you my right eye is always like yeah yeah I will make it work for you all the time my right eye is my friend my left eye plays me all the time.

So what I’m going to do for my left eye we are going to test it out I’m just going to take a Mac two to four buffing brush I’m going to apply it or just bounce it right in the powder and make sure, I grab some and I’m going to start lightly dusting the mascara or the eyelashes. So with just the powder it is a relook like, I need to except for like very muted black mascara. So I’m what I’m gonna do same thing add another mascara coat to each eye all right, I do not really see a difference now do you guys see a difference from my right to my left left one was with the powder, I do not know they both look equally voluminous lainson, I do not know am, I not seen it babe are you seeing it, I do not see a difference. So was this a hack, I use it or, I lose it to me personally it is a lose it. Because nothing happened, I applied a powder. But it was a little bit too messy didn’t really stick on to them and scare well and, I do not know, I think it is a gimmicky hack to be honest with you maybe the powder baby powder does not mean different. But a translucent powder is also recommended and community with a fail, I do not know and you guys try it, I do not think, I do not think it does anything to be honest with you does not volumize it which is what it is supposed to do per se.

But I would just rather do like an extra coats of mascara to colonise my lashes Jim is back of the baby’s hockey number three is going to do all about the nails. So today we are going to do and test a do-it-yourself nail polish remover yes I’m excited to see this actually work. So here it is already pre-made. So basically what you to do is just it consists of lemon juice with equal parts of white distilled vinegar basically what, I did was four tablespoons of each lemon juice and vinegar and just mix it together let’s test it out versus the acetone nail polish which, I use every single time I’m actually going to apply some nail polish on my white nail polish since this right here what, I have on is a gel by Essie their new gel line, and it is a little bit harder to take off even with the acetone. So let’s try it I’m just going to apply just on my one finger and then on the other one and see which one does better all right. So they are dry enough now I’m going to take the pointer finger and I’m going to use it with the little concoction that we did the lemon juice and the vinegar. So I’m just going to take a little cotton pad and just dip it right in and see how fast it takes off something wrong and the things happening literally nothing is happening when it says she gets to like hold it there for like a couple of minutes this literally does nothing like nothing Wow and let’s do acetone it even taking off the other nail polish and that’s the nail polish that, I hid long story the nail polish lady ruined it yesterday she’s posted two ombre and that was her ombre complete file you guys it is even worse than the other nails let’s see look how it look how easy that is I’m barely touching my nail like that’s insane acetone is awesome well that was a bust, I honestly thought, I was going to do something.

Because, I actually read a lot of places that to work for people what are they use, I thought, I did everything correctly follow the directions the tech is a lemon it is love it is a lemon it is not cool didn’t do anything the acetone got rid of it in life point 0 negative 2 seconds it literally killed it weird really half of number 4 it is going to be hot to take out the lipstick out of your clothing and for me I’m kind of skeptical about this one just. Because there are. So many different lipstick formulations right there in the market today. So, I do not know. If there’s this one magic little formulation for this. But we will test it out for today’s lipstick I will be using the one, I have my lips right now this is the Rimmel London and this is the Karaka lips 110 dare to rethink that’s the shade let me quickly kiss a pair of my white pants that I’m actually getting rid of. Because, I ruined them we kiss my butt nice they kiss my booty next step is to take any hairspray that you have I’m using my baby size Loreal Elnett satin hairspray and I’m almost out of it.

So, I hope, I have not known for this lipstick stain. So what it says is just to spray it and leave it on for at least 15 minutes to kind of do its magic on the lipstick and then with a wet warm washcloth go in there and kind of take it off rub it, I do not know it does not really give instructions to rub or just a pad I’m going to try both patting and then rubbing see what works I’m going to time it for 15 minutes food all right let’s see this I’m actually kind of worried that the hairspray give my pan a yellow sticky all right. So I’m exigence going to Pat it and see what happened okay a little bit is coming off. But you know I’m just going to rub it, I do not have the time for this wait something’s happening guys, I do not think it is working is it working might not seen it yeah. So in the disk loft. But then it like transferred to the other two everywhere else I’m like determined to get this out like maybe I will save you baby, I hope think that will dang it alright that was a bust, I honestly thought that was actually going to work. But I didn’t, I really do not think that was going to work.

But seems like a good idea hack number five always plans to do something with hair. Because, I had to put that in there. Because, I love anything to do with hair and especially hacks I’m down for and I have actually used attack many times especially when my baby hairs were. So very small and little when they were growing out this is how to hide your hairline with eye shadow this is a really great hack especially. If you are losing your hair, and it is sort of towards the front and this is great. If you point up your hair in a ponytail you are braiding or you just put up in a bun basically you are putting your hair up or in a certain spot let’s say for me like right now my hairline right here is really thin. Because, I had a lot of damage done last year during the summer and a lot of hair fell out right here.

So what, I did was, I would take eyeshadow and this is by Mac this is in the shade Omega and what, I do, I make sure to take an eyeshadow that is not too dark. But also not too light and that’s pretty close to my roots shade like my root color. So, I just take a little blending or buffing brush this is by Sonia Kashuk number 116 I’m just going to tap it in there and then with a very light hand, I will go in right on my hair and my roots and just kind of start putting it into it and this gives the illusion you have more hair a lot more volume, and it is a really great trick for this hair hack, I definitely use it. Because it is very useful for let’s say. If my hairline looks a little bit crooked or one side looks a little bit more ball than the other and this just helps kind of give it that quick fix without having to regrow or get like hair plugs or whatever you know it is a quick fix and it just works very well. But I would recommend try not to go a shade too dark for your hair. Because then it is going to look very unnatural kind of stick in between this is a little bit like right perfectly right in between not too dark and not too light, I love this one.

So blonde oh my god my Mac and there we have it the complete post 2 for weird beauty hacks tested you guys want to watch the first one I will have a link down below or up above it was really funny Andre Jordan me for some of them. But for now you guys let me know some of your favorite or your beauty hacks you guys do, I definitely want to test them out. But for now thank you so much for reading and I will see you guys in the next one bye.


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