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Eight years ago, my son’s class pet, Torti, came to stay at our house for a couple of weeks. At that point in time I, like so many others, was just being immersed in the world of smartphones and social media, and the constant connection that comes with that. It just felt like everything was moving so fast and going nonstop. And then there was Torti. Mesmerized, I would lose time watching that tortoise move about with his slow, deliberate walk. It seemed almost as though he was in a constant state of meditation. He existed fully within each moment and was happy simply to walk, one intentional step at a time. It was beautiful to witness. In Native American medicine, tortoises appropriately represent mindfulness and patience. Torti certainly reminded me of how important those two things are.

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I had a revelation during the course of those two weeks with Torti, or what is known as a satori moment in the Zen tradition. As I watched this ancient creature move slowly but purposefully about, I realized that this was exactly what I’d been practicing for my entire life. And, in that moment of solidarity with Torti, I finally had a name for what I’d been doing all along and understood how to bring it into the world: Slow Beauty.

Slow Beauty provides practitioners with a framework for living their life through its rituals and practices. We start slowly, and then build from there. Slow Beauty involves a philosophy and a series of rituals and recipes that guide you through the process of treating yourself well and living your life in such a way that you will flip on that inner light switch. (Actually, I want you to more specifically think of a dimmer switch a light that has lots of other settings besides just On and Off.) This practice will help you find peace, happiness, contentment, and self-love in the process; nourish your body, mind, and soul; and, as a result, you will look more beautiful and feel more ageless than ever before. Best of all, Slow Beauty allows you to “map” your own well-being regimen, ensuring that your journey is personalized and uniquely caters to you.

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