Just a few pages into this blog and already, we keep bumping into this idea of sustainability. How does it tie into beauty? Much like the concept of sustainability has swept through the culinary and environmental sectors of our culture, it is the next logical movement in the beauty world as well. This philosophy of sustainability is based on a long-term lifestyle approach to beauty, as opposed to quick fixes and results that are solely external.

Similar to how the world is turning away from pumping up our food with chemicals to make it grow faster and to make it appear “healthier” and more vibrant (while simultaneously stripping it of its true character and damaging its composition), we must also do the same for our own selves. What we are essentially accomplishing through the practice of Slow Beauty is tapping into the wisdom of beauty by creating a sustainable program that keeps us true to who we are and how we’re made. This is a personal process that cannot be done with a snap of the fingers or with a cut-and-dried 1-2-3 formula.


I’m sure it will come as absolutely no surprise to you that the verdict is in: We are all stressed out. In fact, it’s so bad that this word, stress, is even a part of the vernacular of children less than ten years old. When I was growing up, stress was an elusive concept, reserved solely for adults. Now everyone is feeling the intensity; stress knows no boundaries and has no minimum age limit. How can we feel truly beautiful on the inside when we’re living under these conditions?

In this fast-moving, hyperconnected world, more sustainable ways of living have never been more important in every facet of our life. Without it, we are all flirting with burnout as we have never seen before. Slow Beauty is yet another way to incorporate into your life this philosophy of sustainability that goes hand in hand with slowing down. Sustainability is about the long term, the long haul, the long run. It’s about endurance and process. It is cyclical, collaborative, interconnected, and holistic. This is precisely why sustainability must be at the heart of such a practice as Slow Beauty.

The process we’re talking about in these pages supports you in designing a holistic, interconnected ecosystem for optimal mind-, body-, spirit-communication. This goes beyond products. I guarantee you this: No matter how far you extend your search or how much you are willing to pay for it, there isn’t a pill or procedure on this earth that can replace sustainable self-care. If you are looking for something fast and temporary, then Slow Beauty isn’t for you. (And if you are looking for a quick fix, I encourage you to ask yourself why you need instant results. What’s the rush?) If, on the other hand, you are seeking something eternal, infinite, and supportive of a higher consciousness and higher quality of life, then continue. Join us. We need you. The world needs you.

All of this is simply a reminder of those things we already know. We just have to wake up to it, pull the pieces together, and embrace our whole, slow self.

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