What’s most disturbing about this widespread use of chemicals is that our hunger for fashion creates the demand for them. If we didn’t buy so many cheap garments to keep up with the latest trends, there would be much less need for these potentially dangerous compounds. In the grand scheme of things, it is not only workers who are at risk but also the environment itself and, in turn, the general public. Industrial waste often makes its way into the air, water, and soil. Before the weaving process, a gelatinous film called a size is applied to strengthen fibers.

The American textile industry consumes about 200 million pounds of these chemicals each yearand more than 90 percent is disposed of in wastewater. According to the US-AEP, size chemical disposal is one of the largest industrial waste streams in the U.S. Starch, the most common primary size component, accounts for roughly two-thirds of all size chemicals used in the country. Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), the leading synthetic size, accounts for much of the remainder. Synthetic sizes, which are not as biodegradable as starches, can pass through conventional wastewater-treatment systems and are often linked to aquatic toxicity in receiving waters, according to the US-AEP. It’s possible to get by without so many chemicals in our clothes just more expensive.

Three years ago, Esprit developed an experimental line of clothing called the E Collection, using cotton grown without toxic insecticides and shrink-proofing the clothing with a special mechanical process instead of with formaldehyde. The company testmarketed the clothes at about 30 to 50 percent above its regular prices, which was actually less than the garments really cost to make. The line ultimately bombed. While the average consumer probably won’t lose sleep over the possible short-term effects of these chemicals because of the relatively low risk they present in our daily lives, there is one widely used toxin that we should all pay closer attention to.Best Long-Lasting Nail Polishes – Hands + Nails – Body The Beauty … Ltf

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