Behati Prinsloo Los Angeles Style Look

Behati Prinsloo Los Angeles Fashion Style

Naomi’s memoir Forgotten Girl is out now (R219, Pan Macmillan).


Dissociative amnesia is a mental illness that involves disruptions or breakdown of memory, consciousness, awareness, identity and perception.

It occurs when a person blocks out certain pieces of information, usually associated with stressful or traumatic events, leaving them unable to remember important information.

Unlike simple amnesia, the memories still exist, but they are buried deep within the person’s brain and can’t be recalled. However, they may actually surface on their own at a later date, or be suddenly triggered by a person’s surroundings.

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latestfashiontips Junk Food No Pictures Tank as seen on Behati Prinsloo

latestfashiontips Puma Fenty Rihanna Faux Fur Slides as seen on Behati Prinsloo

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