He’s reinvented the Dark Knight for the 21st century and done a bloody good job of it. But with 28, it is second place for Bale.

We may have put this important bat-issue to bed for now, but with loaded favourite Ben Affleck set to suit up for next year’s Superman vs Batman movie, can Adam West be surpassed as the greatest of all time? Turn over to see why Affleck might just do it…

The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collection is available on Blu-ray now.

Before he dons the cowl and cape, its high time the wonder that is Ben Affleck is celebrated properly. Since he first broke into Hollywood in the mid-90s, the Fleckster has been one of the industrys most consistent talents – the odd rom-com aside, of course. As far as loaded is concerned, hes a perfect fit for the Dark Knight’s rubbery duds. If you need further proof, look no further…

He is awesome at rocking the 70s

Affleck’s dodgy goatee from Chasing Amy might have dated worse than a Jimll Fix It medal, but some beards are absolutely timeless. Check out this beautiful bouquet of chin-hair from Argo, beautifully combined with some top-notch70s hair, oversized collars and kiss me quickheels.

He is awesome at directing

Not only a damn fine actor, Affleck is also a dab hand behind the camera, having directed a string of ace thrillers. His specialty is nerve-shredding tension. Just check out the closing moments of Argo, when the mere sound of a ringing phone is enough to make you almost shit your pants.

He is awesome at taking the piss

Far from taking himself too seriously, Affleck enjoys a good laugh. Check out the I’m Fucking Ben Affleckvideo, where our man goes full camp with Jimmy Kimmel. It’s a response to the I’m Fucking Matt Damonvideo made by Kimmel’s then girlfriend, Sarah Silverman. YouTube gold.

He is awesome at saving the world

Affleck has held back the apocalypse at least three times -fighting off supernatural beings, terrorists and bloody great asteroids. Even the insufferable sound of Aerosmith crooning in his lugholes couldn’t stop him. God bless you, sir, a true hero of our times.


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