Kicking off the night with the power of Knives Of New Orleans, he then brought the beat down slightly with Cold One which got the crowd whipped into a frenzy. Sweet Southern tunes then highlighted the performance of Creepinwith duelling electric guitars and Church’s own solo interlude.

With all this underway, there was still so much more to come, as he paused briefly to tell the crowd he was three weeks into his European tour and had been looking forward to playing C2C. Managing to keep the adrenalin up, despite battling a cold, he got th e crowd screaming and raising their plastic cups jubilantly in the air, as he played Drink In My Hand, and Mr. Misunderstood.

Remaining pumped-up and on fire throughout the show, That’s Damn Rock & Roll proved to be a sensational rock song, performed with outstanding female vocalist, Joanna Cotten. They matched each other well for the fierce rock battle gymnastics and then slowed down for the stripped-back Homeboy and Like a Wrecking Ball which got the crowd hot under the collar. He was soon basked under direct spotlight to play Mistress Named Music, showing off his guitar skills, and Lotta Boot Left To Fill.

While Church found time to perform his hit tracks, spanning more than ten years in the industry, he also played the “funky thing” Chattanooga Lucy off his fifth studio album, MR. MISUNDERSTOOD.

This was one relentless set that saw Eric Church barely take a breath throughout his time on stage, but one that would h ave seen every fan leave satisfied that they had seen him at his very best. Megan Gnad



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