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As far as relationship red flags go, this is a big one. Obviously, you do not need to spend every spare second together but when you can’t be bothered to make space for each other, it is a biggie.

If your guy is suddenly spending a whole lot more time with his mates, or doing activities that do not include you, it could be time to worry. Ditto if he seems to be coming up with excuses for getting out of arrangements. We all need time for ourselves, and we have to meet our obligations and commitments, but when it is on his terms, it is clear he’s only thinking about himself.

Maybe you are not thinking of weddings right now but when you are with the right partner, there’s a sense that having shared values and goals will make a future together possible. If his future plans feature more I-speak than we-speak, it is likely he’s not in it for the long term.


If you girls have girl crushes, we have man crushes as well. We just never talk about them can you imagine your BF saying Pare, ang hot ni Ryan Gosling? We thought not.

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Best curly haircuts for women over

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