Best Haircuts for Women Fall-Winter 2019

Supreme Royal Silk Afro Twist Braid

Create fabulous hairstyles with the Supreme Royal Silk Collection. This high-quality Afro Twist Braid is made of 100 percent Toyokalon, which is perfect for creating a myriad of gorgeous looks. The hair is tangle-free and made with flame-resistant fibers that are soft and feather-light. Perfect for creating beautiful braids and twists, including Havana twists.

The Super X Braid is very versatile. This hair is great for creating a multitude of styles. The Super X Braid is made from 100% Kanekalon and available in a wide range of colors.

Catch the wave of the vibrant color trend! These beautiful models style it up right, in both long and short styles.

Best Haircuts for Women Fall-Winter 2019 Photo Gallery

This long, layered style with true-blue hues is simply stunning. Shampoo, condition and blow-dry the natural hair straight. Add tracks of vibrant-blue hair in the crown area. Add additional tracks of hair in number 1B for length and fullness. Cut the extension hair in layers. Use a flat iron to silken the hair and to create large curls. Use clips to set the curls and allow them to cool. Release the cooled curls and style. For a fast but very temporary way to achieve this style, purchase a lace-front wig with a body-wave texture and add blue color or use a wig that has been previously colored. A note of caution: When working with lace-front wigs, make sure to protect your skin and your edges.

Photos: Chip Foust for Universal Salons; Hair: Marccus Doss, Marcus Doss Salon, 350 North Eastern Blvd, Suite 300, Fayetteville, NC, 910.483.3870; Makeup Erika Wilds.Technicals: hair Stock

Sport it short and be on top of the style game with this look that is nothing less than precision-cut perfection. The hair is tapered close on the sides and in the back. For a dash of the daring, lines are barbered in on the sides. Blue tracks are added at the crown then cut and blended well. The hair is then beveled and styled, with volume at the crown and a feathered side-bang. photos: chip Foust for universal Salons; Hair: Carmelia TYavis, Creative Salon LLC, 2741 E. Beltline Rd, Suite 111, Carrolton, TX, 469.986.1154; Makeup: Crystal Dickson. Technicals: hair Stock

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