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Challenges faced

Being a small start-up, initially we had limited funds for marketing to raise the brand’s awareness. We had to rely on our products to speak. It was a tough task to persuade the retailers about our product to reach our target consumers. The biggest challenge was ‘organic’ as a concept, since Indian consumer get confused between natural and organic beauty products. Gradually consumers in India are getting educated about the classifications and are now able to make a better choice in products.

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Future plans

Organic Harvest is currently available in 5,000 outlets, and we plan to increase the presence to 15,000 within a span of one year. We are exporting our products to three countries and gradually want to increase the number to 10. At present, we have six exclusive brand outlets and plan to have 10 in one year. Organic Harvest is present in Bangladesh and Nepal, and we have recently debuted in UAE.

The brand is poised to enter the GCC countries, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Kuwait and Qatar in March, followed by Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia by the next quarter.

Views on the skin care market in India

Today, the outlook of the client is changing, and a significant percentage of people are switching to products that are better for their wellbeing. We see a huge potential in this category with products that are natural and efficient. In India, the market size of beauty cosmetics and grooming is expected to touch $35 billion by 2035 from the current level of $6.5 billion. Further, a survey carried out by ASSOCHAM reveals that the major factors behind the preference for personal care products include the words such as ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘botanical’, ‘free from’ harsh chemical, and even ‘religious compliance’.

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