Best Hairstyle For Short Hair

Astaberry Gold Glam Kit is an advanced facial that brings long lasting glow to the skin. Astaberry has created this facial using revolutionary technologies like the scrub 2 creme and the alginate peel off mask.

Astaberry Gold Glam kit contains natural ingredients that penetrate into the skin and give radiance. This kit heals and repairs the skin, makes complexion lighter, works on blemishes and gives a velvety feel.

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Waxes by Estilo

The Estilo White Chocolate Wax is one of the most advanced professional depilatory brand. An Italian wax, it is easy to spread and is known to reduce the greasiness of oil. The special ingredients used soothe and protect the skin from dryness and UVA and UVB rays without inhibiting its ability to breathe. It is painless, tan remover and gentle on the skin. It is available at leading stores and salons.

Anti-pigmentation cream by Organic Harvest

The Anti-Pigmentation Cream is described as an intensive blend of Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Bearberry Extract and Rosemary Leaf Extract and Red Guava. It promotes skin leveling and brightening which results in youthful and fresh skin. The exotic aroma of naïve ingredients in this non-greasy formula will help you revive luminosity. It is available at stores in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bareilly and Dehradun, and online at and other known e-commerce sites.

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