Best Hairstyles For Diamond Shaped Faces

Educating clients: Realistic expectations from the procedure are a must and clients are extensively counselled regarding the same. Some clinics use 3D modelling software to educate the client about the result of the procedure. Side-effects: Swelling can last for about seven to 10 days. Post implant, there is a chance of displacement which needs correction. Pre-treatment measures: Not applicable. Post-treatment measures: Following the procedure, any kind of trauma to the area has to be avoided and therefore, it is best to stay away from crowded places. Analgesics and antiinflammatories are prescribed for comfort and to reduce post-surgery trauma.

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Future: Jawline enhancement and surgical procedures are requested for quite often in India, following after Bollywood icons like Hrithik Roshan, Sonakshi Sinha and Kareena Kapoor. The number of requests keep increasing as most people like to look their best and face value is the most important aspect of life.

Inception of Organic Harvest

We introduced Organic Harvest in 2013, after a detailed and thorough research where we realised that there was not even one brand that specialised in organic skin care. Although the personal care industry is flooded with domestic and international players vying for the market share, there is a vacuum in the organic personal care segment. This makes Organic Harvest stand apart from other brands in the personal care segment. it is the excellent quality of our products, our competitive pricing that has resulted in a steady increase in the market share.

Best Hairstyles For Diamond Shaped Faces

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