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This look is all about the romance. To achieve it, start with cleansed, conditioned, highlighted hair. Section the hair and spray with a heat protectant. Softly bevel hair throughout and use a tail comb to style. To maintain this look, create large pin curls at night and tie up in a silk or satin scarf.

I am thinking about changing my hair color. What should I keep in mind when making my decision?

Selecting a great hair color is not always easy. Always consider your skin tone, natural hair color, wardrobe and career before making your color change. To best match your skin tone, hold a hair swatch next to your skin. This will give you an idea of how your skin looks with different shades of hair color. In addition, the back panel on the coloring kit displays the expected color results based on your current hair color. If you are still uncertain about your choice, trying on a variety of wigs in different hues will give a better idea of how a particular hair color looks next to your skin. If you are attracted to warm shades, golden brown, copper bronze and caramel blond are good options. Dark brown, burgundy, jet black and ash blond work well for those who prefer cool tones.

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I have recently colored my own hair for the first time. How do I maintain my hair, now that it is color-treated?

Touch up your new color every six to eight weeks. Keep a record of the shade and the amount of processing time that was spent. This will help you achieve even results when you go back for your touch-up. To avoid hair damage, be sure that there is at least a two-week window between permanent color and relaxing. We also recommend choosing maintenance products made specifically for color-treated hair.

My friend recently did a honey blond on her hair, and I love the shade-but it looks drier now than it did in her natural brown. I’m natural and I want to go blonder too, but how do I keep the color from drying my hair out?

When your hair is dark brown or black, it has its own natural luster, so it will look like it has a lot more sheen than other hair colors. Natural hair in general is more susceptible to drying, and when you add color to the mix, it can look even drier—so color without the proper care can intensify the problem. But you can still add color—just be sure to keep a good botanical oil on hand. You can also use shea butter and products that include natural ingredients to boost the shine factor while you rock that fierce color. Using shampoos and conditioners created for color-treated hair can also help.

Satin is an exclusive color system with a unique aloe-vera base. Its ingredients are very natural and help with the condition and the overall health of your hair. Satin colors are rich, with beautiful pigments that can be used for permanent or semipermanent color. Tube contains two to three full applications and is available in 72 beautiful shades. Satin Ultra Vivid Fashion Color is a fade-resistant, aloe-vera-based color with less than 1 percent ammonia and built-in reconstructors. This great color choice offers excellent gray coverage with professional-looking results.

Renowned celebrity photographer Drexina Nelson is an Atlanta-based powerhouse who has snapped many of the biggest stars in music, television and film. She also has a keen love for hair and beauty, and she has recently parlayed her passion into creating The Society Studios & Salon, a full-service salon that includes everything from hairstyling to makeup application to nail care and more. Drexina’s team of hair and beauty professionals creates some of the most cutting-edge, trendiest looks in the Atlanta area. And here, on our pages, the team brings the heat—with a full spectrum of beautiful hairstyles!

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