Best Hairstyles For Fine Straight Hair


THis the season to turn up the style! From flawless updos to luscious curls, this festive season is all about high glamour. This year, head over to your local Walmart and stock up on all the quality items for your hair—at prices that won’t break your Christmas shopping budget.

Lunch With The Girls

Celebrate the holidays in style with a look that boasts incredible sheen. This classic from the Ultra Sheen collection is a go-to for healthy, radiant hair. Our editors sugest using the Original Formula Conditioner & Hair Dress before curling the hair in spirals for remarkable shine. Photo:Alexei Afonin

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Pin Curl To Protect

Although heat styling may be necessary for you to achieve the look you want, be sure to exercise caution. In the evening, try pin-curling your hair with clips. Using even as few as six can save you from the curling iron in the morning—not to mention save you time.

A reconstructor is different from a deep-condi-tioner. Reconstructors contain proteins and are formulated to help restore the structural integrity of the hair by strengthening it. They form a bond to cover the damaged area on the hair shaft to protect the cortex (the thickest layer, beneath the hair shaft). Needless to say, the type of protection a reconstructor can provide could be helpful for length retention. But remember that although what reconstructors do is a good thing, you must not overuse them. If you do, you run the risk of the hair becoming dry and brittle. After using a reconstructor, some stylists use a moisturizing conditioner to balance the treatment.

Our editors love DOO GRO Mega Long Extreme Reconstructor. Find it at Walmart. This ultimate hair-strengthening conditioner is enriched with olive oil, avocado oil and silk protein to help reduce breakage and dryness, helping hair grow longer naturally. It strengthens the hair shaft and protects against the harsh effects of chemicals and relaxers, helping your hair become stronger. DOO GRO Mega Long Extreme Reconstructor is great for all types of hair— natural, color-treated, bleached, weaved, braided and relaxed.

Use a wiDe-TooTH comb to prevent Breakage!

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