Best Hairstyles For Thinning Hair

Salon SOS Colourist Megan Cox and stylist Scott Jordan on how to max your appointment KEEP IT REAL “You need to have realistic expectations when getting your hair coloured.

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Remember that often, celebrities are wearing wigs or are Photoshopped in magazines. There are a lot of tricks out there, including filters, which can make hair colour look completely different in real life,” explains Cox.

ASK FOR HELP “Clients often bring in pictures of [a style or colour] and have high expectations to look exactly like them,” says Jordan. While your stylist might be able to create the look on the day, it’s up to you to recreate the look at home.

“Get your hairdresser to show you easy, simple alternative ways to finish the look.”

DO YOUR HOMEWORK “Different colour grades require different levels of maintenance. The biggest mistake is to decide on a colour that you won’t be able to afford to maintain or that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle. If possible, arrange a pre-appointment consultation so you can think about it for a little bit before taking the plunge,” says Cox.

Best Hairstyles For Thinning Hair

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