While the closing song on RAISED BY WOLVES, Lost and Found, has a dreamy, guitar infused grandeur that is somewhat akin to some of Neko Case’s work, Ritter can also be compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell especially on her song Weathervane. So who would she say are her influences? “Taylor Ashton from Fish & Bird we’ve been friends for a long time, but also he’s one of my absolute favourite songwriters in the world. I think he has something really special, like a deep, ingrained, inherent skill at writing. A big influence for sure.

“Over the years I have listened to and played a ton of bluegrass and traditional music. Can I quotetradas one of my biggest influences? I have had lots of folk influences, Joni and Paul Simon and Stan Rogers, etc… but I like to think my influences change constantly. These days I love the complicated kind of stuff that bands like the Punch Brothers and Lau are doing. Lately I have been obsessing over the deceptively simple song writing of the southern rock group Hiss Golden Messenger, and the deeply complex electro-pop band, Hundred Waters. I could go on and on… ”

When she’s not touring, Ritter has a day job in Vancouver where she organises and runs two choirs who specialise in covers of rock songs. Again, this goes back to her finding her feet in Vancouver after her band The Gruff ended, as Jenny says: “In 2011 I was missing that unmistakeable feeling you get when you sing harmony with other people. So I got together with four friends to work on some rock songs for fun. Within six months I had a choir of thirty people. It happened so naturally. People are just dying to sing. Now I have two choirs, and do all the vocal arrangements, and we have such a good time. It’s pretty ridiculous, getting paid to sing and laugh and collaborate with these fun people. Sometimes I can’t believe my luck. This is my job when I’m at home!”

Jenny’s website mentions that she likes to travel to old, cold places which seemed an appropriate reason to ask her about her European jaunts. So does she enjoy touring and performing over here? “It’s the BEST. I love touring these places for a few reasons.



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