In Canada, you have to drive at least 13 hours to get from Vancouver to Calgary, the next major city, it is totally nuts. I’m not that old, but I’m too old for that. People in Europe and the UK also seem to have a deep commitment to the arts and I can see that the audience isgettingit, when I play for them. I can see it in their eyes! It’s like each person actually understand that the arts are a necessary component of a healthy culture.” Paul Kerr

I’ve had Ms of folk influences, Joni and Paul Simon and Stan Rogers, etc.. but I like to think my infum/m change constantly.:

Megan Gnad talks to Lucie Silvas about how a move to Nashville brought a new rootsy sound to the singer-songwritersmusic, the mature new musical outlook that she was looking for, and just a a whole lot of Nashville heart and soul adding a captivating country twist to her already successful career, British singer-songwriter, Lucie Silvas, is wowing audiences across America, with her ability to fuse genres and create hit tunes. After a break away from the limelight, the artist, who now calls Nashville home, is back with a stunning third album, and an army of famous friends singing her praises.

The newly-released, LETTERS TO GHOSTS, has rebuilt a career that began in the UK, and provided the move towards a country sound, tinged with blues, Motown and rock. Still tightly holding onto a strong pop sensibility the sound is explosive, with powerful, driving instrumentation and bold southern narratives.



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