Best Jeans for Men This Season

From the cowboys to the hippies, to the indie rockers and the preppy jocks, jeans are among the few fashion items that were able to transcend space and time. Since the later part of 19th century when the very first jeans were originally designed as work wear for miners and farmers in the Western states, jeans have now grown to become the number one go-to denim staple fashion item for blue and white collar men alike.

However, choosing your jeans when the heat of the summer is beating down on you can be a bit difficult. Surely, you wouldnt want to be confined to your jeans when everyone else is wearing their summer shorts, right? But heres the thing: there are actually some jeans that can make you pull off that gorgeous hottie look this season and the secret lies in choosing the right one.

Many denim start off their life raw, looking inky and dark until they were washed and treated. Here are some of the main blue wash jean types that are best for this summer season:

The Classic Wash

The average mid-blue jean color, or your all-time favorite classic wash, remains to be the safest and the most acceptable color of denim this season. For achieving this look, raw denim is also rinsed before bleached has been added for softening its inkiness. The classic wash is perfect for the more casual jeans worn for your off-duty occasions.

The Dark Rinse

The dark rinse jeans are almost close to untreated denims original raw start but these were washed once or twice for retaining the color but they lack the stiffness usually associated with the raw denim. Usually with variation shading on the pockets, knees and seams, the dark blue of the denim can work in the same way that black trousers do. It is the best color for skinny jeans with your light denim jacket or with blazer in the classic fit smart casual times.

The Vintage

Made for those looking for good things, vintage wash can take time out of breaking in your new pair of jeans. Known as distressed denim, the raw denim is undergoes vigorous rinsing and sanding at the thighs, knees and seams.

The Salvage/Raw

It is wild, unwashed and untainted denim. In line with the untreated mantra, the cloth is rigid and dense. Salvage denim happens when two ends of a cotton roll are used for making jeans, from which only one handful of pairs are made and this is signified by a pair of the white parallel lines on the cuff. This is a version of raw and this is an exceptional approach to denim. The raw jeans are similar to antiques to make them last for many years, taking months for them to have signs of wear and tear. After it has been broken in, the wearers intricacies will scar the denim forever. Raw denim and the dark and thick cloth are wonderful alternatives for smart chinos and wool trousers. The creases can form easily once worn as a slim or skinny fit and avoid excessively washing the jeans for the first six months.

The jeans are your statement of self-expression, providing comfort and giving out that casual and cool vibe to any of your day time outfit. The best jeans for this season is the one with the right fabric and perfect fit that will work best with your body type and lifestyle.

Best Jeans for Men This Season

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