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Best makeup of 2016 on In the rest of Britain it reached a minor peak in the mid-1950s. Never particularly fashionable in the other English-speaking countries. Tobias Smollett created a character of the name in his Roderick Random (1748), but the hero of that novel was not especially admirable.

Henry James gave us Roderick Hudson (1876), his first novel and certainly not his best. In The Lady of the Lake (1810) Sir Walter Scott describes Roderick Dhu, an outlaw and bandit. A well-known bearer of the name is the actor Roddy McDowell. Roddy is in fact used as an independent name. Variants of Roderick include the common Roderic and the occasional Rodric, Rodrick. Spanish Rodrigo occurs from time to time, and in the U. Best makeup of 2016 2016.

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Best makeup of 2016

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