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The condition of your hair should be left in the colorist’s hands. But what will sometimes happen is the colorist makes a suggestion like, “let’s do a conditioning treatment,” you will say, “not this time, I don’t have time” or “I can’t afford it.” You might think this step is optional, but in truth, it is absolutely imperative you have a conditioning treatment before your color service.

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If the hair shaft is lacking in moisture when your hair is colored, the color pigments, which are deposited into the hair shaft, will not hold as well your hair will just be too porous for lasting color retention. You can look at two heads of hair: one colored and conditioned and the other, colored and not conditioned and you will find a dramatic difference between the two.

One is luxurious with lots of luster and shine, and the other is flat and dull in appearance. The money you spend on hair color will go much further over conditioned hair. What’s the cost for a conditioning treatment? Not much when looking for beautiful hair color.

PROFESSIONAL ADVICE: Don’t bother with hair color if you aren’t going to keep it in impeccable condition!

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