Best Nail Designs 2019 – Best Nail Art Trends for Women

Girly Glam Nails By Karen Lee Harris
Photography by Alexei Afonin,, Makeup by Shazz, Hair by Christina, Styling by Leon Frager, Nails by Sheala “Tippie Toes”,

Best Nail Designs 2019 – Best Nail Art Trends for Women Photo Gallery

This nail look is definitely all about the soft, ultrafeminine, girly look! The blue and pink tones are immediately eye-catching, while the femme design, with a little added bling, brings the spice that makes our model’s nails sparkle with life! The gradient color features three shades that fade into each other. You can stay within the same color family, using lighter and darker shades, or use contrasting tones, as seen here. Re-create this remarkable look with these easy-to-follow steps.
1. Apply glue to the false nail tips and apply to the ends of your clean nails. Using nail clippers, trim to your desired length.
2. Apply acrylic to each nail bed and tip. Depending on how thick you want it, file the acrylic until it’s smooth and even. File along the sides, the tips and the entire nail bed; even out any uneven spots on these areas. Use your buffer to smooth and soften the surface of the nail so the polish won’t look lumpy and uneven.
3. Apply your base coat.
4. Follow up by applying a pink polish and a blue polish to a small cosmetics sponge. Press the sponge directly on the nail to achieve the graduated polish nail look.
5. Use nail polish remover to clean up any polish left on the skin.
6. Decorate each nail with crystals to complete the look.

Best Nail Designs 2019   Best Nail Art Trends for Women

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