Best Pajamas for Men

 According to a recent study, fewer and fewer men are wearing pajamas. Change that by looking through our list of the best pajamas for men:

Shorts and T-shirt

Perfect for a casual guy, this combination is an excellent choice for the warmer months… or if you simply can’t bear the thought of wearing long bottoms in bed. Combine a neutral grey bottom with a crimson or burgundy shirt for a classy look, even when you’re in bed.

Brooks Brothers Cotton Pajama

If you’re a guy who needs to be stylish at all times, the Brooks Brothers Pajamas set is the perfect solution for you. The light cotton material will keep you warm during the winter and cool in the summer months, and the wrinkle-resistant fabric will ensure you look your best, even when you’re sleeping.


Derek Rose Set

Make a statement with your pajama choice with this nightwear set. The combination between a collared shirt and boxer-style shorts will keep you cool and stylish at nighttime.


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