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Leonard Marshall separates Joe Montana from the football and ends the quarterback’s day to start the Giantsfourth-quarter comeback in the 1990 NFC Championship Game.

I had to crawl just to get to him, but when I got up, he still had the ball. It was just a good, clean hit. I was going for the sack, not to put him out of the game.

Bill Parcells gave blocking back Gary Reasons a green light for a fake if he saw a hole. Reasons saw daylight, took the snap, and rumbled 30 yards to the 49ers’ 16. Four plays later, Matt Bahr kicked his fourth field goal, and the Giants trailed by just a point with under six minutes to go.

With Steve Young now at quarterback, San Francisco tried to run out the clock. Roger Craig fumbled on the first play, but the 49ers recovered. Young then hit Brent Jones for 25 yards. After a couple more runs, the 49ers had a first down on the Giants’ 30. On the next play, Roger

Craig took the handoff as Giants tackle Eric Howard dropped to one knee to knife past guard Guy McIntyre and blast the ball out of Craig’s grasp. Craig immediately swung around to grab it, but in that instant Lawrence Taylor popped up and snatched the ball out of the air.

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The Giants had the ball at their own 43 with 2:36 left. Hostetler hit Mark Bavaro for 19 yards and Stephen Baker for 13 in a seven-play drive to the 49ers’ 24, where Matt Bahr hit his fifth field goal as time expired. Giants 15, 49ers 13. There would be no three-peat; New York was headed for the Super Bowl to face the Buffalo Bills.

In a tense, tight struggle between two teams with playoff aspirations, the Giants prevailed because of the efforts of their much-maligned quarterback, a disrespected receiving corps, and their fifth option at place-kicker in 1986. Neither the Vikings nor the Giants could run the ball very effectively during the game, but both passers were on target.

The two teams traded field goals throughout the first half, with Raul Allegre hitting three for New York. Trailing 9-6, Minnesota finally crossed the goal line in the third quarter, on an eight-yard pass from Tommy Kramer to Allen Rice. Another Allegre field goal late in the third period brought New York to within a point, and a few minutes later, Phil Simms hit Bobby Johnson for a 25-yard touchdown to go up by six with 10 minutes to play. An injured Kramer was replaced at quarterback by Wade Wilson, but the Vikings roared down the field in seven plays behind their backup quarterback, taking a 20-19 lead on a 33-yard pass to Anthony Carter with just seven minutes to play.

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