How to best be prepared for your road trips

Whether you plan to spend holiday driving Great Ocean Road, making the trek from Brisbane to Sydney or checking out rainforests around Kuranda, take a few moments to prepare. A road trip can be a great time building memories, unless something unfavorable happens. From how to pack to getting the car ready for the drive, here is your ultimate guide for how to best be prepared for your road trips.

Know Where You Are Headed

Some of the fun of going out on a road trip is taking the road not traveled. You do not need to know the exact route which you will be taking, but you should have an idea of where you want to end up. Plan your route with some things in mind:

Where is your final destination?

How long do you have to get there?

Do you want to take main roads?

Often we rely on GPS systems to get us from point A to point B. For a road trip, take some time to look at the map of where you are to where you are headed. You may spot a lake, small town or other draw just off the beaten path which could be worth visiting.

Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the route will help out if you happen to get off track and do not have a signal on your GPS.

Food and Water

Depending on how long your road trip will be, you should have food and water. Snacks make it possible to get from one stop to another without stopping for questionable food along the way. Some of the top snacks for a road trip include:

Macadamia nuts


Anzac Biscuits





While some of these may require a bit of prep work, it is easier to have snacks on hand than to find a fish and chip stand while driving along the coast. Packing your own picnic gives you the ability to find a pretty spot along the way and take a moment to appreciate the landscape.

Staying Safe

One of the top, yet overlooked, ways on how to best be prepared for your road trips is to take the car in to the shop. Having a mechanic in Brisbane give the car a once over ensures that the brakes are working, the fluids are full and the tyre pressure is full. A road trip can be ruined if you get an hour down the road only to have a flat, see the engine overheat or have the clutch come grinding to a halt.

When meeting with a specialist at a Brisbane service centre, be sure to tell them where you will be going. Heading out for a flat drive is much different than climbing the mountains. Additionally, heading out for a few hours is much different than taking a week on holiday and driving each day for six hours or more.

Being Prepared For Anything

Our last tip for how to best be prepared for your road trip is to have a backup plan. If something happened to the car, what will you do? Must have items include:

A road atlas

Phone batteries

Extra water

The number of a mobile mechanic

Especially with this last one, you will have peace of mind. Know who to call in case of emergency. Whether you are stranded in Brisbane or Gold Coast, our team at Magic Spanners Mobile Mechanic will be right there to help.

With our number and these tips you will know how to best be prepared for your road trips. Head out and have a great time!

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How to best be prepared for your road trips

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