Best Short Hairstyles For Women

“Protecting my hair from dust and pollution”

There is no way to keep your hair away from dust and pollution. It is unavoidable, but I try to wash my hair every other day. I always use conditioner after using a shampoo to keep my hair hydrated and well conditioned.

I avoid oiling it on a regular basis. I do not have specific hair products that I use, but I do remember that some years back I used to put a lot of coconut oil which helped my hair grow.

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“Content of my travel beauty kit”

Definitely a mascara, lipstick probably pink colour, a blusher and of course, my foundations! Moreover, I usually carry a small bottle of perfume with me.

“Message for the readers”

It is really important to assess what you are eating, as your body is going to respond to it either positively or negatively. Whatever you are eating and drinking will inevitably show on your skin. So, if you keep a good diet, keep yourself hydrated as then in the long run it will really benefit your skin and hair. Keep it healthy and you will definitely see results.

Of Exquisite Silhouettes

Meet Delhi-based fashion designer Aditya Khandelwal whose passion is to lend Indian attire an innovative edge and a new dimension. He loves to experiment with a fresh array of colours, patterns and drapes, and aspires to extend his craft to the global platform.

Best Short Hairstyles For Women

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