Best Wedding Invitation Designs


These preppy beauties take only a few minutes to put together and give you extra cute points for save the dates or invitations. The pretty bow is a really good basic embellishment that you can put on lots of things, such as presents or place cards. You could even string lots of them together to make a garland. Once you have mastered the technique of pleating paper, tray using coloured card for a more structured look.

Fold the tissue paper lengthways into even pleats of about 5mm (¼in) deep. The finished piece should be a 7x½cm (2¾x¼in) pleated strip. Cut a 2cm (¾in) piece of double-sided tape. Cover one side with copper glitter, leaving 5mm (¼in) free at one end. Tap off the excess glitter.

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Pinch the centre of the pleated tissue together and wrap the glittered tape around it, securing the end onto the glitterless section of the tape. OUsing a scorer and a ruler, score then fold the pink card in half. Glue the tissuepaper bow onto the centre cut out a selection of leaves from green paper and crease them in half, lengthways. OCheck the letter is dry, then arrange the flowers on top and use hot glue to secure [1]. OAttach the leaves in the same way, using them to fill the spaces between the flowers.

To make the unstemmed flowers: Using the templates, cut out a selection of triple petal shapes in different sizes and colours.

Place a pen or pencil down the centre of the first petal and wrap the paper around it, squeezing it to curve the petal. Repeat with all the remaining petals. Glue the pieces on top of each other by applying a dot of glue in the centre between each layer, rotating the direction of the petals for a pretty arrangement.

Once the glue has dried, it can help to squeeze the whole flower in your hand, encouraging the petals upwards and together to shape the flower.


Decorated entirely with paper flowers, this floral letter packs a punch as party decor or as an eye-catching cake topper. You could also make a floral number for a birthday or a first wedding anniversary. You can print out the letter on your computer and even make a giant letter in A0 size. Choose a font that has a bold version to give enough space for the flowers.

Best Wedding Invitation Designs

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