Betsey Johnson Spring Inspired Curls

So we are continuing our runway inspired miniseries, and this one is inspired by Betsey Johnson. I loved the s inspired just curls on the one side, and then the sleek on the other. I love how it kind of comes together, and it looks really nice, and natural in the back, and you just have these really pretty side swept curls that are very s, and just very current. And I just love it. I feel like the is. So versatile you could do this with any hair length amount no matter how many layers you have or your natural hair texture you can go for this. So I love it is a versatile, and just. So universal. And I hope you guys like it. I really like it. And I kind of just want to go, and we are it out like all the time right now.

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So anyway. I hope you guys like it too. And I will see my next post Wow bye first you are going to create a side part, and then you are going to go ahead, and create a diagonal part that starts at the back of your part, and goes to the bottom of the neck at the opposite side. So you are just creating a diagonal line down the back of your head. So you make that, and then separate the hair on either side of that party like. So then you want to go ahead, and just secure the hair from the deep side just out of the way we do not want to mess with it right now, and then you are going to take the rest of that hair over, and you are going to comb it into place, and create a ponytail at the base on the opposite side of the head. So we are sweeping all the hair over. So it will be nice, and side swept if you want the hair to be nice, and sleek, and you have curly hair you might want to straighten it just to get that really sleek look if it does not matter to you too much then just leave your natural texture but then let the rest of your hair down, and then we are going to work in rectangular sections over the top of the head you can see this section is about four inches long maybe two inches deep an inch, and a half deep and, I will using a three-quarter inch curling iron and, I will going toward my face with this front curl then, I will letting it free, I will holding it in the position that. I was in on the curling iron, and putting it in place then for everything else, I will going to go away from the face like.

The reason we are doing rectangular sections is. Because it gets a little bit more of that vintage feel, and the reason why we are paying it in place is. Because it is going to help you to get a better curl it is just going to be a lot stronger it is going to be a lot more resilient it will last lot longer. So this might look a little bit intense if you feel more comfortable just sticking the end of your hair, and the iron, and then rolling it down you can do that as well you just want to make sure that you are making nice clean sections, and then continue that in a second row right below the first row, and this should incorporate all of your hair. So we have done one row on top, and then one row on the bottom, and each time you curl your hair then you roll it back up like gets on a roller or is on the curling iron, and then, I will just Bobby pinning them in place right at the base. So that they can stay there while they cool, and. Because you are doing that it is going to last a lot better it could be a lot stronger then when you get to the ponytail you just split the ponytail in two or more pieces however many you need, and then just again wind them back up, and pin them in place.

So that they can hold the curl. So this is basically just curling your hair but during this curl placement is really going to help you to get that is kind of retro vibe then make sure you spray it, and wait for it to dry, and cool, and what’s the cool the curls are completely cooled, and the hairdryer or the hairspray is completely dry you can go ahead, and take all those bobby pins out, and let the curls just fall, and you can see how nice, and springy, and bouncy these curls are my hair is hard to curl. So if my hair can do it your hair can too then just comb your fingers through it really lightly you want to loosen them up a little bit but you do not want to mess with it too much then go ahead, and brush your bangs back however you need to, and that is really it you are done its super wearable it is super cute. And I really like it. I hope you guys do to another option if you want is to brush through these curls if you want it to be just a little bit softer, and looser, and less put together the minus either way. I hope you guys like it honesty my next post you.

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