Between child two and three

Between child two and three

By the time your child is in her third year she should be able to use short sentences; identify objects by their use, such as a cup for drinking; be able to understand simple requests like bring the cup or put the spoon in the cup. Remember, too, that she will be able to understand far more than she is able to

express. She should respond correctly to these four directions: Throw the ball up, down, behind, in front of you.

She should be able to identify the main parts of her body and name objects such as flowers, dog, cat and so on from life or pictures.

Speech and its acquisition. Of all the skills acquired early on, good language development seems to be the best indication of future ability, even though it is said that Einstein was a late talker!

Children who grow up in homes where language is used in more than its basic form and who are talked to in a mature way soon outstrip their peers in development.

In homes where few discussions are held and orders are handed out without explanation, children seldom acquire the ability to use language as a tool to express themselves. Consequently pent-up frustration is often released through physical means, making them disruptive, violent or morose.

Later on it is in the verbal sections of I.Q. tests that these children do badly and which bring down their overall score.

Since almost all information is received and transmitted through verbal or written speech, lack of ability in this area puts a great brake on performance. If your childs language development seems to be lagging in spite of an enriched environment, consider the possibility of a partial hearing loss. Recurrent middle ear infections can leave a gluey residue which may hinder hearing. (See p. 240.)

Social development. By now your child should be better able to cope with others and will generally be a pleasant person to be with. Reason, and the ability to foresee consequences, help prevent frustration, and if her basic learning has been successful she will go on to more complicated modes of thought and action.

Being with mummy is no longer a primary concern and much more time is spent in actual play.

Between child two and three

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