Beyoncé Best Dresses

Who is your favourite muse? Beyoncé

My muses are changing all the time. I’m always trying to meet as many people from different industries as possible. During a normal day, I can have breakfast with a physicist, go to an industrial design exhibition during lunch as I’m a big fan of the bauhaus movement and in the evening, I can meet with artists, musicians and other positive and forward thinking friends.

Which is the most outrageous look in terms of make-up and hair adapted by you?

I think the looks we had at LFW Summer/Resort 2016 have been outrageously gorgeous. Long live neon!

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How do you incorporate beauty and hairstyles in the collection and on the ramp? Beyoncé

It has to fit into the story. I work on the principle of reverse engineering. We start with whatever makes sense and then fi nd a way how to visualise it.

What are your views on the fashion and beauty industry of India?

India has strong roots in textile craftsmanship and technology that is a perfect setup for fashion technology. Now both just have to start to talk to each other. Of course it won’t happen over night. I envision a great fusion of tradition and technology in both fashion and beauty, that’s how it becomes really powerful.

Beyoncé Best Dresses

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