Billie Faiers Pics 2016

Yes, of course. It would have been great to experience it properly and get involved, hold food down and have a drink with everyone. Unfortunately it was a completely different experience for me, but these things happen.

Billie says she might try for a second baby next year, what do you think of that?

My poor mum! She’s going to have five or six grandchildren in the next few years – we call her Nanny McPhee! I’m the same as Billie – I do not want them too many years apart either. Billie and I were close in age and it was so nice. Nelly will be 18 months next month, so if Billie does have another they’ll be close in age so they can grow up together, play together and go to school together.

What sort of auntie do you think she’ll make?

She’ll be brilliant. She told me that she can’t wait to have the baby round her house. She’s getting all prepared for it.

Billie Faiers Pics 2016 Photo Gallery

Billie Faiers Pics 2016

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