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In my six weeks on antenatal I only saw the social worker once, for less than five minutes. She somehow forgot to visit me, and spent more time talking about her job than asking how I was doing. Even so, this was the only time during my hospital stay in antenatal or NICU that anyone asked me how I was doing emotionally. Looking back I find it odd, and disappointing, that no one ever checked in to see how I was coping mentally. All the conversations were about the baby and my physical health, but never about my mental health. To be honest, I never talked about my emotions with my medical team. It didn’t come up in their visits and I never brought it up. This doesn’t mean I wasn’t struggling. As I mentioned before there were lots of times where I would close my door and have a good, ugly cry. Even though nurses witnessed some of my breakdowns, they didn’t take the time to ask if I was okay, as they were likely uncomfortable seeing the emotions.

Biphed Adrene

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