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Treat illness, hair loss and baldness early

There are many types of stress on the hair and illnesses and disorders of the hair and scalp that may lead to hair loss and baldness. In case of every illness it is important to get treatment as soon as you notice the changes.

Stress and tension on hair roots

Be careful not to pull your hair too tight as this can result in patches of baldness (traction alopecia). Wearing hair tied in tight ponytails, or tight braids whether loose braids or cornrows can damage the hair cells in the scalp and cause hair to break or fall out. If you wear the same hairstyle with the same tension on the hair roots for long periods of time it can result in permanent baldness. Wearing hair extensions and hairpieces can also cause patterns of baldness because the weight of the hair piece pulling on the hair roots may be too much in some individuals. Change your braided hairstyle regularly to switch around the patterns of tension and avoid stressing the hair roots on one part of the head for long periods. Leave your hair undisturbed for as long as you can in-between.

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Over-styling weakens hair

Combing or pulling the hair in any way as well as blow drying, straightening with heat from a flat iron or another source, coloring and bleaching all damage the outer layer of your hair. Then when the inner layers of the hair are exposed, hair tends to dry out and looks dull. Although it does not cause any permanent health damage, you can over-style to the point that your hair is so damaged that the only option for healthy hair is to cut it off and start over. When it comes to your hair, doing less will give you healthier hair.

Black Hairstyle Short Hair

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