Black Hairstyles For Black Hair

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You must exercise to have healthy hair because you must exercise to be healthy. Recent thinking about health puts the need for exercise at the top of all health needs. No amount of good quality food will help if your body is sluggish and your organs work slowly. You just can’t compensate for a good exercise program or an active lifestyle. Activity that causes your body to work all its systems also gets the water, food, and nutrients to all parts of the body including your hair.

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Exercise has so many health benefits for your body and hair that you must take time to think about how to keep your natural hair looking good while you exercise and after exercising. Exercise also presents multiple dilemmas for women with natural hair. Sweat on natural Afro hair is as good as stepping into the shower and will send you back to your hair stylist or your mirror for a good long while if you do not have a plan before you start exercising.

Many of us avoid exercise because the sweating messes up our hair and forces us to consider washing our hair more often. Avoid any dilemmas by keeping your exercise and your hair care separate. Pick suitable exercise routines (or pick one general routine to suit all aspects of your lifestyle). Plan your exercise program so that the most rigorous, sweat inducing activities are closer to the times when you clean and style your hair. Schedule lighter activities (like walking, yoga) for days when you have no intention of fussing with your hair.

Black Hairstyles For Black Hair

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