Blair Waldorf Chic Hair for Everyday

So this week we are doing Blair Waldorf’s hairstyles again, and today. I decided to do one that’s very wearable, I have been getting a lot of requests for just everyday hairstyles cut. I do a lot of updos, and things like that, and people want stuff that’s good for just school, and running around you know doing errands, and stuff like that. So I thought this would be a good one. I kind of made it mine a little bit by using a bandana instead of like a shiny girly headband. And I kind of have a messy texture in my hair. So it does not look entirely blare in my demonstration of it but if you want it to be more feminine, and put together just go with a shinier hair texture, and a nice little girly headband, and you are all set.

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I hope you guys like it let’s give my next post what. I alright if you decided to wear a headband all you really have to do is just stick it in place right behind your ears, and that’s pretty much it if you are going to do a bandana or a scarf you want to section your hair in front of the ears, and clamp it out of the way, and you can clamp it on the other side as well. I get these clamps from like a drugstore discount store people ask me that all the time, and then you are going to secure the rest of your hair in a ponytail. So you can put your scarf on or your bandana we are going to place the center of whatever you are using at the nape of your neck, and tie it at the top, and a double knot, and then you are going to tuck the ends in. Because you do not really want funny ears it is not really a good look, I will just laying in oh, and then you are going to bobby pin it in place.

I like to bobby pin right behind my ears. Because. I was four it tends to fall around a lot then you just let your hair down then you are going to select the hair from the crown of your head, and up, and you are going to kind of push that up to make a little bit of volume if you find that you need to you can tease a little bit as well, and then crisscross your pins in place over that to keep it there, and then you are going to grab the hair from the front if you have long bangs like. I do you can grab that hair, and then they heard this just behind the ponytail on that side, and twist it upward until you reach where your bobby pins are, and then you can just secure it there, and then repeat that same thing on the other side also if you want to you can just bring these both back, and put them in a band, and twist the hair once it is in the band. So it kind of makes a little bit easier. I didn’t want to do that. Because. I didn’t want it to get stuck on the bobby pins anyway then you are going to gather those two sections together, and secure them with a small band, and that’s it you are done.

Blair Waldorf Chic Hair for Everyday

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