Blake Lively Braided Pony

It’s dancing this braided hairstyle inspired by Blake Lively. And I love Blake Lively’s hairstyles in general but this one. I really love. I posted it on my facebook it got a lot of great feedback. So I decided to do a tutorial on it. I think it’s actually a lot easier than it looks in the picture which is phenomenal it’s kind of like a braid with Anna braid with Anna braid with Anna braid. So it’s kind of like great inception yeah anyway. I love it. I hope you guys love it too. And I think that’s it. So I will see you in my next tutorial well start by brushing all of your hair straight back into a ponytail, and it’s going to be right in the middle of the back of your head now if you have a thicker hair you can brush this back side of site but if you’re like me, and you have thin hair you might want to leave a little bit of volume just. So you don’t look like you’re bald from the front not a good look then you can go ahead, and do some hairspray Blake’s ponytail, and this hairstyle was pretty slicked back again.. I don’t really want it to slicked back on me. So it gets a little bit of volume you can see, I’ll kind of combing with my fingers a little bit.

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I find that makes it a little bit easier, and it helps to keep a little bit of volume especially on top. I kind of slipped the sides down by using the flat of my hand but then on the top. I definitely use my fingers just to keep that volume there now we’re going to be doing a lot of splitting, and making sections don’t confuse., I’ll you’re going to go ahead, and split the ponytail in half, and secure one side out of the way, and then you’re going to take the side that you have left, and split that in half, and secure half of that all the way, and then you’re going to braid this entire section that you have left is just a normal braid all the way down, and secure it with a band next you’re going to let the section free, and you’re actually going to split that one in half again, and separate half of that like you just did before, and now you’re going to braid with what you have left, and you’re going to use the braid you just did as one of the three sections of the braid, and use the rest of the normal hair for two sections that’s just going to create this whole little woven effect it’s not hard though it’s just a normal braid, and one of the sections is just a braid.

So it’s kind of cool, and then once you get to the bottom of that you’re going to secure it out with the band as well, and then you’re going to leave that one section you’re going to go to the other side, and spy it in half, and secure half out of the way, and braid it all the way down we’re pretty much repeating the braid we just did on the other side of the hair. So we’re braiding all the way down normally on this side now if you want to get fancy you can mix with the texture just a little bit you can do this first braid a little bit tighter, and then with the next way we’re going to do you can do it a little bit looser, and that’ll just kind of mess with the texture a little bit but you’re going to split this section just like we did on the other side you’re going to spy it in half again, and secure one of those halves out of the way, and then braids with the other half using the braids that we just did as one of the three sections, and braid all the way down, and then secure with a band alright then you’re going to let the other sections free, and you’re going to rack each of the Unrated sections around the braided section, and that just creates the little rat slug that you see in the original hairstyle, and you’re going to end with the two braids in the middle, and then you’re going to braid again using the two braids as one section, and then the other two pieces of it as the cheap section. So it’s still a braid you got three sections but the two braids are one section sounds a lot more confusing than it is it’s basically just a braid with in a braid within a braid in a braid, and then you’re going to secure the end with a band, and that’s pretty much it.

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