Blonde hair color shades chart

Interlocks are pre-braided strands of synthetic hair tied into client’s cornrowed hair. This method is created by using a latch hook to weave the strands into the cornrows. Interlocks are another great way to achieve a Curly Bob or Weave look in half the time and at half the cost. This style can last for up to one month. Braid Time 4-6 Hours (maybe less).

Step 1: Cornrow hair into pattern around the entire head. (These cornrows are the framework for the interlock style).

Step 2: Once hair has been braided, grab 2-3 strands of pre-braided synthetic hair.

Insert latch hook with the needle closed through the cornrow braid.

Step 3: Once needle has been fully inserted, open latch hook and insert the pre-braided interlock hair and close hook.

Step 4: Once hook is closed pull hook back through the cornrow braid pulling one side of the interlock hair and close hook.

Step 5: Once hair has been fully inserted. Take both ends of the interlock and tie it into a knot around the cornrow braid. This technique will make the cornrow braid disappear and the interlock will appear to becoming from the root.

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Blonde hair color shades chart

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