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Historical Beauty;

As Victoria’s reign came to an end, the association of her son, the future King Edward VII, with some of the most famous stage actresses of the time, such as Lillie Langtry and Sarah Bernhardt, meant that rouge was treated with less vehemence and scorn. As the writer and satirist Max Beerbohm wrote in his Defence of Cosmetics (1896), later titled The Pervasion of Rouge: For behold! The Victorian era comes to its end and the day of sancta simplicitas is quite ended we are ripe for a new epoch of artifice. Are not men rattling the dice-box and ladies dipping their fingers in the rouge-pot? No longer is a lady of fashion blamed if, to escape the outrageous persecution of time, she fly for sanctuary to the toilet-table; and if a damsel, prying in her mirror, be sure with brush and pigment she can trick herself into more charm, we are not angry. Indeed, why should we ever have been?23 Beerbohm was writing satirically, of course, but his words touched a nerve regardless and proved to be more true than might have been anticipated as, moving into the Edwardian period, cosmetics became more acceptable.
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Blonde hairstyles color

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