Blonde highlights haircuts

Historical Beauty;

It’s inevitably a sensitive topic to discuss, but skin lightening has been practiced in certain parts of the world for thousands of years. From the Greek lead-based psimuthion to the practice of bloodletting and the infamous Venetian ceruse (recognizable as that white powder you often see aristocrats wearing in sixteenth-century period dramas), there is a wide-ranging and cross-cultural tradition of lightening one’s skin in order to fit into a beauty-based, cultural, or social ideal. And if there’s one thing that many of these methods had in common, it is that they were all extremely dangerousdamaging to both one’s skin and general health. Walk through the cosmetics aisle of any department store in any big city today, and you will be struck by the dizzying array of products that all promise to deliver a luminous, even complexion and brighter hue, regardless of the individual user’s skin tone or ethnicity. These days, placing a leech behind your ear would be seen as quackery, but it is impossible not to wonder how closely related modern skinbrightening cosmetics are to the many historical methods for attaining lighter skin. Perhaps more importantly, we should ask where this desire came from, and how it has changed over time.
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Blonde highlights haircuts

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