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Pint-sized puppy lover and former Vogue UK fashion assistant Tammy Tinker has an impressive industry resum©. Having worked with Hanneli Rupert as creative director of Merchants on Long, she now devotes her time to the best African and international designers in her job at fashion e-tailer Her wardrobe is fi lled with treasures she has collected on shoots all over the world, and she loves discovering one-o s and secret treasures, despite describing her dress sense as simple, natural and chic. British designer and the creative mind behind C©line, Phoebe Philo, is her ultimate style guru “ she is a classicist through-and-through; the reigning queen of minimalism loves sensible sneakers, widelegged pants and a palette of navy, camel, white and black.

Oh, and did I mention she never wears make-up? Its the Philo factor that might explain Tammys neglected treasures. I always buy very fi ddly beaded pieces or sheer silks, unwearable but stunning, she admits. But its these items, including unworn ball gowns, that she refuses to ditch because they are gems not to be replaced.

A combination of sentiment, a non-ball-gownworthy social calendar and an awareness of the cyclical nature of fashion fads stops Tammy from saying goodbye to her 80 percent. I hang onto items, despite not having worn them in the last year, because I know trends come and go in cycles, she says. But its not only the trend items The timeless Balmain boots, now beaten and battered six years later, are a pair she will never give up because her director gave them to her. And the pair of leather Joseph pants that her dog ate the leg of? I am hoping one day I can get them fi xed.

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Blue prom dress

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