Blueberries Benefits & Information


Blueberries (and bilberries, which are the variety that stains the tongue and fingers black) are another example of food that is also a medicinal herb. Blueberries have an affinity to so-called microcirculation (the very smallest blood vessels in the body), especially at the back of the eye.

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Blueberries can help people who have sustained damage to the retina because of high blood pressure, and they generally restore the health of the blood vessels within the body. Eating blueberries will help in cases of virtually any disease of the circulatory system, and it will also have a preventative effect. You can eat them daily if you want, and frozen blueberries are as beneficial as fresh ones.

How to take

As food, either fresh berries or defrosted. You can also take a blueberry supplement in the form of tablets or capsules.


Adults and children: 50-100g of berries a day. The supplement should be taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Blueberries Benefits & Information

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