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What effect can such parental influence have on an athlete? It can put another person on your back, give you the drive of two people, says Bruce Ogilvie, adding that effects of such involvement among athletes who never make the big-time are often detrimental.

Jack Nicklausfather spent $ 35,000 on his son’s golf lessons, provoking Jack to later say: If I didn’t win, I’d feel like a bum.

Baseball star Albert Belle may have received his intense motivation from his mother, Carrie, who claims she brought him up to excel in everything . He wants to be perfect. When he wasn’t as a youngster, he threw bats and tantrums. [LSU coach Skip]

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Bertman believes that for all Belle’s drive and intensity, there’s a basic aspect of his personality that is not suited to the pressure of major league baseball, the pressure of expectations, the pressure to perform, the pressure to satisfy his mother. He rebels by being rude and disrespectful, even antisocial. The Belle who uses corked bats, Bertman believes, is the one overwhelmed by his need to succeed. Remove Albert from the world of baseball and he’s Joey gain, pleasant and witty and smart. But with each home run, with every new success, Belle’s profession becomes a more central part of his identity.

Children pushed into competitive sports early begin with the parents needs, then often develop their own needs, says Varda Burstyn. Many parents have strong and healthy motivations for their children playing sports, but many have their own strong needs for their children to achieve. That just reinforces the sense that only by winning and besting others, hit, crunch, and burn is the way to get love.

Body Bar Exercises

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