Boho Side Braids Festival Hair Coachella Hairstyles

Hey guys, it is Katie and Charlie again with Abella’s Braids. We are here to show you another braid, that is actually the one I’m wearing. It has some braids up here, goes into pigtail braids, and it even has, Charlie wants to show you, little accent braids. Please be sure you comment to Hairstyles, if you are not already, use this button below, and make sure to give us a big thumbs up at the end of this post. Thanks so much! Okay, so the first thing you are gonna want to do in this style is give it a good center part. All the way down. Now, from about here, go back to the top of this bone up here, and just take a little parting, just a little tiny section to start this braid out. And what you are going to do is dutch braid it, you are only going to add hair in on the side with the part. Cross the bottom over, then add a hair in on this top section, cross the bottom over and just keep doing this. Actually going to grab a little piece just to kind of soften that line up there that we are getting. And just continue this dutch braid. You kind of want it to go near her face. Braid nice and loosely so it gives the top some volume.

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Okay, so now that we have finished adding all the hair about half of it, halfway to her ear, when I cross over this next section, I’m going to take a section from the back, and add it in here, just to keep this hair going back away from the face. And then I’m just going to braid all the way to the ends. All right, now that you have this braid finished, you are just going to gather all the rest of the hair, leave a few pieces around the face, and separate this whole section in two. You want this braid in the middle section. And you are just going to braid a three strand braid until the ends. Now, I’m going to pancake this as I go. And then just add an elastic at the end of that braid. All right, so you have got one side done, now you are gonna repeat the same exact thing, but on the opposite side. Okay, so for the finishing touch, you are going to want to get rid of this elastic, so just wrap a little piece of hair from the back. Put it in the back and then you are just going to add an elastic right underneath all of this. And now just take a small piece of hair from the ends, and do a tiny three-strand braid to the ends. When you are done with the accent braid, if you have thick hair like mine, you can add an elastic to the ends, but since Charlie’s hair is so fine and I have so little hair left, I’m just going to tease the ends to keep that braid in. And then I’m going to repeat this on the other side. Thank you so much for watching, as you can see I added a little accessory to Charlie, because she’s got this little boho look going on, and I thought it looked really good with it. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of her little accessory with this hairstyle. So if you have not already comment, please do so, with this button down here, on the side, yeah, to Hairstyles. If you want to see more of our posts, you can click on this button here, and for more Hairstyles posts, down here. Thanks so much for watching guys, bye, see you next time.

Boho Side Braids Festival Hair Coachella Hairstyles

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